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Apr 7th, '14 •
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Just consider all of my VA blogs inactive/closed from here on out because I am so done. I am so over the disrespect, the hate, being treated like a push over. I am over people saying they are my friend and then stabbing me in the back. So the following blogs are inactive/closed from now on:

  • dontcallmepyro
  • thehauntedguardian
  • thevasilisadragomir
  • ladynatashaozera
  • magicusersandprotectors (Includes; reformedbloodbag, theozeraspark, witheredvines, szelskyroyalty, incorrigibleanderson)
  • spiritfilledkait
  • blazingcinders
  • entitledheir
  • dhampirlivinginexhile
  • littleprincessdrozdov

Sorry but, it is what it is. If you follow those accounts, you will notice I haven’t done much of anything on them for a few months now and my VA muse has been completely murdered, annihilated. It’s gone and I hold no hope that it will ever come back. If you need me here and if not, it was fun while it lasted. I spent nearly two years role playing in this fandom and never did I think it would come to this but the fact that I have no desire to log into any account to do with VA really speaks for itself. 

So thank you, to all of my wonderful partners thenewdragomirprincess, guardianrosemhathaway, deathin-adusterx and theadrianivashkov. Of course, I have connected with a lot of you, these four I have known for well over a year and they really helped me through a lot. 

To those I have not got to RP with, I’m sorry and you are welcome to RP with me on Allison or even just chat to me, you are welcome to ask for my Skype too. 

Thank you, everyone, for making this a memorable journey and I am sorry it had to end this way, before Christian and the rest of my muses could play out their stories the way I wanted them too. 


Pretty much the same story happening over here. I only log in over here to remind people where I will be if you need me or if there is something I want to share. I literally have only relieved messages from people that want something from me and haven’t even asked nicely. I still have my muses and they will always be there but they want nothing to do with being on dash and the goings on with RP here.

In saying that ANY of my muses can be reached on skype and all you have to do is ask for my skype name and I will send it to you and we can RP on there.

But if you want to reach me in the future you will have to go over to here and that is where I am each day. I have found a place over in that fandom that drags me in each day with a strong muse always wanting to write. I am not dragged down and my muses aren’t shot to piecs by other’s comments.

I am more than open for crossovers, so please message me over there and we can RP. I already have a few set up and I really look forward to more.

Thank you to those I have RP’d with over the time of the last 1+ year. You have taught me a lot but it is time for me to move on from this fandom because it had become something that was not healthy for me mentally.

♥ Eli

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Apr 5th, '14 •
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Way to make sure people are notified about your RP replies.


I have been trying to think of a way to try and make sure that people always get notified for my replies, because I know how frustrating it is for me to go to my activity and it doesn’t show everything. This morning I had an idea. 

I have noticed that when you tag a username in the post with the @ feature that you will pretty much always get a notification for it. with this idea you are using that function as a backup in case tumblr doesn’t notify the other person about your reply. (if you don’t know about that function go here)

But this is what I was thinking of doing with my replies. I do the usual: Load up the reply, remove my last post and get it ready to write my own under it. Usually the link of their name at the top will go to the other persons post. We can cheat a little here. We can remove that and type their name again with with the @ feature like below. That way the other person will get notified also that they have been tagged in a post and when they go to view it, they will see their reply waiting for them. 

(i used a random draft for this)



I just also tested this with a reply to a friend that is online right now and she received the notification that I had tagged her in a post. This might really help with the issue of losing drafts. 


So to my followers and people I RP with. Till tumblr gets off their backside and fixed the notification system for reblogs, I will be using the tagging/mentioning system as above to make sure you are notified about my replies. 


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Mar 31st, '14 •
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Seriously where are you all coming from?! I only did one of these a week ago and started up this blog nine days ago. I need to give you all something in return because you will all soon realise that it was possibly a mistake to follow me because I can go a little crazy at times. Either way, no matter the reason for you following me - I want to say thank you and that I love you all ♥


  • mbf me
  • check out this blog and follow her if you want.
  • unfollowing after is rude, but I can’t stop you.
  • reblogs only - likes don’t count.
  • RP accounts only please.
  • ends 10pm 31st March AEST.


  • 1 x BOTM (w/ 30 RP Icons & promos)
  • 2 x 20 RP icons
  • 3 x 10 RP icons

Okay, So I am nearing 300 followers. SOOOO… If I manage to hit 300 followers before this ends tomorrow night (there is still like 32 hours left) I will double the amount of Icon’s I am making for the winners and add in more promos for other people :)

20 hours to go. 

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