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Last Sacrifice:

'I have to talk to Sydney,' I told him over the noise. I decided it'd be best to keep my distance before any rumors started, and truthfully, Sydney looked like she wanted me by her side. Joshua nodded, and I turned away. I'd taken two steps when a fist suddenly came right toward my face.

I’d had no defenses up and just barely had the presence of mind to turn my head and catch the blow on my cheek, rather than end up with a broken nose. After the initial surprise, all my training kicked in. I quickly sidestepped out of the line of attack and put my body into a fighter’s stance. The music and singing stopped, and I turned to face my attacker.


She stood in a way similar to my own, fists clenched and eyes completely honed in on me. ‘Okay,’ she said. ‘It’s time to find out how tough you really are.’

Oct 14th, '13 •
Jill Mastrano Dragomir
The new Dragomir Princess


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